St Hilary Parish Council

The Parish Council represents the first tier of Local Government, serving the needs of the local community. Residents of St Hilary Parish can seek advice and guidance on various matters pertaining to the local area. We will endeavour to assist at first hand, or to forward matters to the unitary authority, the Cornwall Council.

Coucil meetings are held at The Old School Room TR20 9DQ, near St Hilary Church on the first Friday evening of each month except August.

Meetings start at 6.45pm when planning applications can be viewed by the public until 7pm when the meeting will come to order:-

Re Parish Council Property;

St Hilary Parish Council hereby notifies the public that there is to be no camping on any council land.

Furthermore any activities conducted by the public on Parish Council land are done so totally at the public’s own risk.

The Parish Council will accept no responsibility or liability for any injury, theft, and/or damage, to property or the person, occurring on Parish Council property.