Meet the Team

If you would like to contact either the Parish Clerk or St Hilary Parish Council as a body, then please click here.

If you would prefer to contact a particular member of the council in person, about a concern over a specific matter, please see details below.

If you would be interested in serving as a Parish Councillor, please feel free to apply in writing to the Clerk, Mr. Roger Calfe who will provide any information you require and inform you when there is a vacancy.

St Hilary Parish Councillors;

Chairman        Mr Peter Behrens    

Vice Chair       Mr Denis Reed        

Councillor      Mrs Madeleine West  

Councillor       Mr Paul Rule            

Councillor       Mr Tommy Thomas 

Councillor       Mrs Jane Howells

Councillor       Robert Searle            

Councillor        Mr George Ford

Councillor       Mr Mike Ryan

Parish Clerk    Mr Roger Calfe           01736 763311

Postal address;

Mr R Calfe


Luke’s Lane, St Hilary, Penzance, Cornwall TR20 9DY

Your County Councillor is currently;

Sue Nicholas   01736 711010 Email;