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Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council meetings are held on the first Friday of every month, except August, at the Old School Rooms near St Hilary Church. The meetings start at 7.15pm but the doors are open from 7.00 for members of the public to view relevant planning applications.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings and get a first hand perspective on how your council works for the parish.

Council Surgery

A surgery is also held in the Old School Rooms at 10.00am on the first Wednesday of every month, where parishioners can discuss matters with a parish councillor or seek advice on local issues.

Public interaction is encouraged and plays a vital part in keeping issues topical and providing feedback on local points of view. We look forward to seeing you there. If time constraints prevail however please feel free to email us on any issues you want to air.

Chairmans Report August 2011

A Quiet Corner

Our very helpful web developer and website content manager Mr Brian Baker tactfully pointed out to me the other day that I hadn’t updated the chairmans blog for the parish website in a while.  It had actually been nearly a year (see what I mean about tactful?) and it shamed me into sitting down and committing pen to paper so to speak, and updating it.  So I found myself a quiet corner of the house and thought about the beautiful parish of St Hilary and all the things that we have to be proud of.

Since moving back into the parish earlier this year I have been struck once again by the sense of community we have in what is, geographically speaking, a very large parish indeed.  Many things have happened in the parish that have brought us together, not least of which was the opening of the Penwith historical centre and church room.  This really is a wonderful project undertaken by local builders who did a first class job.  It is available for bookings and I would heartily recommend a visit to the historical centre on the ground floor for a very well presented insight into the local area.  See the link on the main parish website for contact details for bookings.

For me this sense of community was underscored recently in its contrast with the unrest in other parts of the country.  For whatever perceived reason(s) the rioters and looters had for taking to the streets and venting their frustrations we all feel from time-to-time with the current global economic situation; be it the government cuts, lack of money, lack of work, housing etc. nothing I saw justified it and we are blessed indeed to live in such a beautiful and tranquil part of the country that still retains its unique identity and a very strong community spirit.

Whilst we as a parish council are not wholly responsible for the community spirit we all enjoy, it should not be underestimated either.  The work we carry out on the parish council (in conjunction with our county councillor Mrs Sue Nicholas among others of course) is vital.  The parish council is made up of lay people who want to be involved in their community.  We all work for nothing and can often times be found finding cost effective solutions to local issues without making a song and dance about it : To coin a nautical expression (and with due deference to the Royal Navy of course) we are also the silent service.

And that’s the point I am trying to make in this blog today. That with everything else going on around us in the wider community we can still say that we have a quiet corner of the country in which to live that still holds true to the motto of Cornwall – Onen hag Oll or One and All.

Schoolroom Renovation

Old SchoolroomSt Hilary Parish Church resolved at the end of 2008 to tackle the much-needed restoration of the Old School, beside the church, which had been disused for many years.  In response to aspirations contained in the Marazion and District Forum Community Plan for a higher profile for local history, language and culture, the idea took shape of creating, as well as a new hall for church and community use, a small Heritage Centre in which to interpret and exhibit the story of this remarkable area.

St Hilary Parish SchoolroomBecause the task was somewhat daunting it was decided to proceed in phases, the first being to stabilise the building so that it ceased to deteriorate.  This involved re-roofing, renewing windows and repointing the stonework.  Phase two, now nearing completion, involves replacing the upper floor supports and completely fitting out the lower storey and installing catering and toilet facilities.  Phase three, early in 2011, will equip and establish the Heritage Room (on the ground floor) under the direction of research curator, Dr Joanna Mattingly.  The Grand Opening should be in March or April 2011.  A new Local History Group is being set up, based in the Old School, with membership reaching beyond St Hilary parish to reflect the shared history of the Mount’s Bay area, with a remit to develop local history research and to oversee access to theHeritage Centre by members of the public.

St Hilary SchoolroomThe main hall will be available for hire early in the new year, for goup activities or private functions.  Details of hire and opportunities to view the restored building will soon be available.  Those wanting to register an interest in using the hall should contact Joanna Craven on 01736-762548 and anyone wishing to know more about the Local History group should ring Owen Baker on 01326-560970.  Donations in support of the Project would be welcomed by the Treasurer, David Ball, since there is still a slight shortfall in the funding.  David may be contacted on 01736-763628.